wallace family crest

Wallace Family Crest




First found in Ayrshire where they held a family seat from ancient times.The number of Strathclyde clan families sailing for North America increased steadily as the persecution continued. In the colonies, they could find not only freedom from the iron hand of the English government, but land to settle on. The American War of Independence allowed many of these settlers to prove their independence, while some chose to go to Canada as United Empire Loyalists. Scots played essential roles in the forging of both great nations. Eleanor, Elizabeth, George, Jane, William, and Mary Wallace all settled in Charles Town S.C. in 1768; Alexander Wallace settled in Georgia in 1733; Andrew, Boyd, Daniel, Edward, Francis, George, Hugh, James, John, Michael, Patrick, Robert, Samuel, Thomas, and William Wallace all settled in Philadelphia, P.A. between 1820 and 1870.Motto Translated: For liberty.

Suggested Readings for the name wallace

  • Wallace-Frierson and Allied Families by Charles Hamilton Young.
  • The McKnight Families and their Descendants, also, The Wallace and Alexander Families by Texarado McKnight Peak.
Some noteworthy people of the name wallace

  • Ruby Ann Wallace (b. 1923), original name of Ruby Dee
  • DeWitt Wallace (1889-1981), American publisher
  • Henry Wallace (1836-1916), American agriculturist and writer
  • Henry Agard Wallace (1888-1965), American agriculturist and statesman
  • Henry Cantwell Wallace (1866-1924), American agriculturist
  • Lewis Wallace (1827-1905), American author and soldier
  • Sir William Wallace (1274-1305), Scottish patriot
  • William Wallace (1860-1940), Scottish composer
  • Colonel Hugh Wallace, Montreal, Canada
  • Air Marshall John Wallace,
  • Sir Gordon Wallace,
  • Clarence Wallace, Governor of B.C. Canada
  • Ian Wallace, Broadcaster
  • Walter Wallace, Governor of British Virgin Islands
  • Henry A Wallace, U.S. Vice-President
  • Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913), Welsh scientist
  • Edgar Wallace (1875-1932), English novelist
  • Sir Richard Wallace (1818-1890), British art patron
  • Vincent Wallace (1813-1865), Irish operatic composer