walker family crest

Walker Family Crest




First found in Yorkshire, where the walker family was seated from ancient times.At this time, the shores of the New World beckoned many English families that felt that the social climate in England was oppressive and lacked opportunity for change. Thousands left England at great expense in ships that were overcrowded and full of disease. A great portion of these settlers never survived the journey and even a greater number arrived sick, starving, and without a penny. The survivors, however, were often greeted with greater opportunity than they could have experienced back home. These English settlers made significant contributions to those colonies that would eventually become the United States and Canada. An examination of early immigration records and passenger ship lists revealed that people bearing the name walker arrived in North America very early: John Walker, Roger Walker, and Isabel Walker, who all immigrated to Virginia in 1623; Augustine Walker, who settled in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1630; James Walker, who arrived in St. Christopher in 1635.

Motto Translated: How Great are Honourable Deeds.

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  • Ancestors and Descendants of the Walker Lathrop Family of Chelsea , Vermont by M. Gudmundson Walker.
  • The Genealogy of the Families of Formon-Boisclair, Walker, Beers, Lacy by Mary W. Meadows.
  • Genealogy of the Vale, Walker, Littler and Other Related Families by George Walker Vale.
Some noteworthy people of the name walker

  • Francis Amasa Walker (1840-1897), American economist, statistician, and educator
  • Aaron Thibeaux “T-Bone” Walker (1910-1975), well-known American blues musician
  • Gladys Werner “Skeeter” Walker (1933-2001), American alpine skier
  • Alice Malsenior Walker (b. 1944), American novelist
  • William Walker (1824-1860), American buccaneer
  • John Walker (1674-1747), English ecclesiastical
  • John Walker (1732-1807), English dictionary maker
  • John Walker (1770-1831), English antiquary
  • John Walker (1781-1859), English inventor
  • Thomas Walker (1784-1836), English author
  • Frank Comerford Walker, United States Postmaster General
  • James Higgs Walker, Headmaster of Sevenoaks
  • Colonel Ronald Sherbrooke Walker, Company Director, Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London
  • Joe Walker (1892-1985), cinematographer and optics expert, pioneered the zoom lens and invented the Elektra-Zoom
  • Sir Alan Walker (b. 1911), Australian social activist and evangelist
  • Peter Edward Walker (b. 1932), prominent British statesman
  • Kathleen Jean Walker (b. 1920), Australian poet and Aboriginal rights activist
  • Nancy Walker, actress
  • Sir Alan Edgar Walker (b. 1911), Australian Methodist clergyman
  • George Walker (1618-1690), Irish clergyman
  • Sir James Walker (1863-1935), Scottish chemist