scott family crest

Scott Coat of Arms / Scott Family Crest


First found in Roxburghshire, where a family seat was held on the lands of Ballendan at the head of the Ale water in that county.Some of the Boernician-Scottish clan families who came to North America were Loyalists who went north to Canada after the American War of Independence. Families on both sides of the border went on to found two of the world’s great nations. This century, families with Scottish roots have rediscovered their heritage through highland games and clan societies. An inquiry into the early roots of North American families reveals a number of immigrants bearing the name Scott or a variant listed above: Nicholas Scot, who arrived in Virginia in 1606, fourteen years before the “Mayflower”; Elizabeth Scot settled in the Barbados in 1667; Goodwife Scott arrived in Virginia in 1623.

Motto Translated: Amo

Suggested Readings for the name Scott

  • Fullers, Sissons, and Scotts, our Yeoman Ancestors: 46 New England and New York Families by Carol Clark Johnson.
  • Hand, Sisson, and Scott: More Yeoman Ancestors by Carol Clark Johnson.
  • John Scott, 1761-1843: an American Revolutionary Veteran by Kenneth R. Scott.
Some noteworthy people of the name Scott

  • David Randolph Scott (b. 1932), former NASA astronaut, commander of Apollo 15
  • Ralph James Scott (1905-1983), American politician, U.S. Congressman from North Carolina (1957-1967)
  • Tom Scott (b. 1918), Scottish poet
  • Barbara Ann Scott (b. 1928), Canadian retired figure skater, the 1948 Olympic Champion
  • Cyril Meir Scott (1879-1970), English composer, writer, and poet
  • Sir Douglas Keith Scott (b. 1941), British mountaineer
  • Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878), English architect of the Victorian Age
  • James C Scott (b. 1936), Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University
  • John Scott (1824-1896), American lawyer and Republican party politician
  • Thomas Hobbes Scott (1783-1860), Australian clergyman, first Archdeacon of New South Wales
  • Captain Robert Falcon Scott (1868-1912), British Royal Navy officer and Antarctic explorer
  • Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), prolific Scottish historical novelist and poet
  • Thomas Seaton Scott (1826-1895), Canadian (British-born) architect, best known for the West Block of the Parliament of Canada
  • Hugh Stowell Scott (d. 1903), English novelist
  • Charles Prestwich Scott (1846-1931), English journalist
  • Randolph Scott (1898-1987), American motion picture actor
  • Sir David Scott (1782-1851), British politician
  • Rear Admiral Norman Scott, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1942
  • Machinist’s Mate First Class Robert R Scott, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1941
  • Captain (then Lieutenant) Robert S Scott, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1943
  • William Alexander Scott (b. 1940), Bermudan politician, Premier of Bermuda (2003-2006)
  • Alexander Walker Scott (1800-1883), Australian entomologist
  • Douglas Scott (1913-1990), British industrial designer