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Robertson Family Crest


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Where did the Scottish robertson family come from? What is the Scottish coat of arms/family crest? When did the robertson family first arrive in the United States? Where did the various branches of the family go? What is the history of the family name?

Many spelling variations of robertson have been recorded over the years, including These are the result of the medieval practice of spelling according to sound and repeated translation between Gaelic and English. Robertson, MacConachie, Maconachie, MacConaghy, MacConchie, MacConckey, MacConkey, MacDonnachie, MacDonachie, MacDunnachie, MacInroy, MacLagan, Mac Raibeirt (Gaelic) and many more.

First found in Perthshire (Gaelic: Siorrachd Pheairt) former county in the present day Council Area of Perth and Kinross, located in central Scotland, where they were seated from early times and their first records appeared on the early census rolls taken by the early Kings of Scotland to determine the rate of taxation of their subjects.

Many who arrived from Scotland settled along the east coast of North America in communities that would go on to become the backbones of the young nations of the United States and Canada. In the American War of Independence, many settlers who remained loyal to England went north to Canada as United Empire Loyalists. Their descendants later began to recover the lost Scottish heritage through events such as the highland games that dot North America in the summer months. Research into various historical records revealed some of first members of the robertson family emigrate to North America: Daniel Robertson, who settled in Virginia in 1716; along with Francis, Isabella, James, John, and Donald; Alexander, Archibald, Charles, Daniel, Duncan, George, Henry, James, Jane, John, Robert, Thomas and William Robertston all arrived in Philadelphia between 1800 and 1870.

Motto Translated: Glory is the reward of valour.

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  • David Robertson, American conductor
  • Oscar Robertson (b. 1938), American basketball player
  • Douglas Moray Cooper Lamb Argyll Robertson, Scottish ophthalmologist
  • George Croom Robertson (1842-1892), Scottish philosopher
  • Jeannie Robertson (1908-1975), Scottish American folk singer
  • Joseph Robertson (1810-1866), Scottish antiquary
  • William Robertson (1721-1793), Scottish historian and Principal of the University of Edinburgh
  • Sir Brian Hubert Robertson, British general and politician
  • Sir Dennis Robertson, British economist
  • Geoffrey Robertson Robertson, Australian-born lawyer, author, and broadcaster
  • George Robertson, now Lord Robertson – Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, British politician and Secretary General of NATO, 1999 – 2004
  • George S Robertson, British athlete
  • Sir Horace Robertson, Australian soldier
  • Howard Percy Robertson, mathematical physicist
  • J M Robertson, British journalist, secularist and Liberal MP
  • Jerry Robertson, Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Lloyd Robertson (b. 1934), Canadian journalist and broadcaster
  • Henrietta Richardson Robertson (1870-1964), real name of Henry Handel Richardson, Australian author
  • Charles Grant Robertson (1869-1948), English historian
  • Frederick William Robertson (1816-1853), English clergyman
  • Thomas William Robertson (1829-1871), English dramatist
  • Sir William Robert Robertson (1860-1933), British Field Marshal who served as Chief of the Imperial General Staff from 1916 to 1918