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Spelling variations:  Ried, Reid, Read, Reed and others.First found in Aberdeenshire where the name has been found since the 14th century.Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants were: Elizabeth Reid, who came to Maryland in 1674; Abraham Reid, who arrived in Maryland in 1678; Charles Read, who came to New Jersey in 1678; James Read, who arrived in Barbados in 1679.Motto Translated: By fortitute and exertion.

Suggested Readings for the name Reid

  • Dunkin-Reid and Garner-McGraw-Mobley Families of South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama by Dean Smith Cress.
  • The Nathan Reids Of Virginia in the March of Freedom by Elizabeth Reid Austin.
  • Reid Family, 1776-1974 by Maude Reid Tomlinson.
Some noteworthy people of the name Reid

  • Andy Reid (b. 1958), American football (NFL) coach, Philadelphia Eagles head coach (1999-)
  • Antonio Reid (b. 1956), American, songwriter, producer, and record company executive
  • David Reid, American boxer
  • Alastair Reid (b. 1926), Scottish poet
  • James Scott Cumberland Reid (1890-1975), Scottish judge
  • John Reid (1721-1807), Scottish soldier and musician
  • Robert Paul Reid (b. 1934), Scottish industrial executive
  • Thomas Reid (1710-1796), Scottish philosopher
  • Sir Thomas Wemyss Reid (1842-1905), Scottish journalist and biographer
  • Sir William Reid (1791-1858), Scottish meteorologist
  • Kate Reid (1931-1993), Canadian actress
  • Alan Reid, British Liberal Democrat politician
  • Bruce Reid, Australian cricketer
  • Thomas Reid, English professor at Oxford University.
  • Sir George Houstoun Reid (1845-1918), Australian politician and statesman
  • Patricia Kimberly Reid, original name of Kim Stanley
  • Beryl Reid (b. 1920), English comedienne
  • John Richard Reid (b. 1928), New Zealand cricket player
  • Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-1883), American (Irish born) soldier, and writer of adventure novels